V. V. Gnezditskii

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AIM To assess therapeutic and prophylactic effect of large-dose cerebrolysin (15 ml/day for 28 days) in hypertensive and atherosclerotic patients with cognitive disorders. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cerebrolysin was given annually (15 ml/day for 28 days) for 2 years to 42 patients in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study. The effect was stated by(More)
The method of multi-step dipole localization with potential charts preanalysis was applied to EEG spatial localization of discharge activity in 24 epileptic patients. The results were juxtaposed to the X-ray contrasting techniques and computerized tomography. Spherical symmetrical 8-layer head model was used to interprete the results. The data on(More)
A total of 27 patients with transitory global amnesia (TGA) in the acute and late (from 7 days) periods and 31 patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy and subjective memory impairments (control group) were studied. EEG data and assessment of the P300 cognitive evoked potential wave established differences in the nature of β1 activity between these(More)
In this study we analyzed the parameters of auditory evoked potentials in a stimulus recognition task (the P300 method) and nonspecific visual response to a light flash in 75 healthy subjects of various ages (20–70 years) and 70 subjects (35 males and 35 females, mean age 51 years) with cortical and subcortical cognitive impairments of various degrees(More)
The focal delta-waves and the remote influences of the stroke in the form of the sinusoidal flashes of delta-waves with a maximal amplitude exceeding an amplitude of the focal delta-waves (frontal flashes--FF) in frontal-polar leads were investigated in 51 patients (22 men, 29 women) by means of mapping, dipole location (BrainLoc) and LORETA methods. The(More)
Visual evoked potentials (EP) were studied in 24 patients with optochiasmal arachnoiditis. Distinct changes were registered in the visual EP in the form of increased latent period of the response, diminution of its amplitude and separability, and poor structuralization. The critical level of visual acuity for the specific and nonspecific visual EP was(More)
The paper is concerned with the results of investigation of the effect of short-term hyperglycemia on main cerebral functions in neuro-oncological patients. Clinical and paraclinical control in the course of investigation revealed insignificant and transient changes of the neurological status, ECG and investigated cerebral functions. In a lesser group of(More)
Clinical and neurophysiological analysis of a case of a 7 year old patient with typical benign partial seizures with rolandic spikes and speech disorder, differing from those in Landau-Kleffner syndrome and in typical benign partial epilepsy of childhood presenting as speech dyspraxia. Two independent foci (in the premotor cortex of the left front lobe(More)
The paper presents the data concerning usage of some original method of vital laboratory diagnostics of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease that belongs to the group of prionic diseases. The method consisted in the inoculation of inoculative culture of rat Gasser ganglion's neurinoma by biologic materials investigated (serum and clot of blood) with the following(More)