V. V. Fisun

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Hysteretic magneto-resistance of point contacts formed between non-magnetic tips and single ferromagnetic films exchange-pinned by antiferromagnetic films is investigated. The analysis of the measured current driven and field driven hysteresis agrees with the recently proposed model of the surface spin-valve, where the spin orientation at the interface can(More)
Phonon spectroscopy is used to investigate the mechanism of current-induced spin torques in nonmagnetic/ferromagnetic (N/F) point contacts. Magnetization excitations observed in the magneto-conductance of the point contacts are pronounced for diffusive and thermal contacts, where the electrons experience significant scattering in the contact region. We find(More)
We report an observation of spin-valve-like hysteresis within a few atomic layers at a ferromagnetic interface. We use phonon spectroscopy of nanometer-sized point contacts as an in situ probe to study the mechanism of the effect. Distinctive energy phonon peaks for contacts with dissimilar nonmagnetic outer electrodes allow localizing the observed spin(More)
The article summarizes the experience of diagnosis and treatment of El Tor cholera in servicemen during an outbreak of intestinal polyinfection in the conditions of dry hot climate in desert and mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. The authors describe the clinical course of El Tor cholera which is stipulated by the mixed character of dehydration,(More)
Point-contacts (PC) offer a simple way to create high current densities, 10 A/cm and beyond, without substantial Joule heating. We have shown recently (Nano Letters, 7 (2007) 927) that conductivity of nanosized PCs between a normal and ferromagnetic metals exhibits bi-stable hysteretic states versus both bias current and external magnetic field – the effect(More)
Point contacts between normal and ferromagnetic metals are investigated using magnetoresistance and transport spectroscopy measurements combined with micromagnetic simulations. Pronounced hysteresis in the point contact resistance versus both bias current and external magnetic field are observed. It is found that such hysteretic resistance can exhibit, in(More)
The experience in treating infectious diseases in wounded and traumatized persons from the contingent of the Soviet Troops in ++Afghanistan is described. The syndrome of the joint effect of the injury and infection is characterized. Features of the chemotherapy of the injured patients with viral hepatitis, malaria, typhoid fever and enteric and(More)
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