V V Feoktistov

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The genome damage (the frequencies of cells with micronuclei (MN), chromosome aberrations, the level of DNA double-strand breaks (DSB DNA), the concentration of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and 28 immunological parameters have been studied on the blood lymphocytes of Chernobyl accident liquidators. The purpose of this article was the investigation of(More)
Malignant neoplasms (MN) have been found to develop most frequently in the liquidators of entry into the ChNPP zones in 1986 (43.75%), as well as among the liquidators who worked for long, one quarter of whom participated in liquidation of the consequences of failure (LCF) in 1986. Specific features of the immune status depending on the timing of(More)
Ionizing radiation is one of major factors of risk of oncological diseases. A question about the frequency of malignant neoplasms (MN) and their early identification in the liquidators of consequences of the Chernobyl accident remains opened. In the present work, the results of long-term immunological monitoring of the liquidators of consequences of the(More)
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