V V Fanardzhian

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Location of retrogradely labelled neurons in various structures of the central nervous system was studied by microiontophoretic injection of horseradish peroxidase into dorsal sections of the magnocellular part of the cat red nucleus. Projections were revealed from some hypothalamic nuclei, centrum medianum, as well as from nucleus parafascicularis and(More)
Localization of labelled neurons (sources of projections to the lateral vestibular nucleus) in the brain was studied by means of microiontophoretic injections of horseradish peroxidase. Bilateral projections of the midbrain structures to all parts of the nucleus mentioned (field of Forel, interstitial nucleus of Cajal, oculomotor nerve nucleus and red(More)
Responses of the caudate nucleus neurons to stimulation of the cerebellar nuclei were studied in acute experiments on cats. 53% out of 267 neurons of the caudate nucleus responded to the cerebellar stimulation mostly with excitation. 83% of the cerebelloresponsive neurons reacted to the dentate nucleus stimulation, 63%--to the stimulation of the nucleus(More)
The effects of unilateral transection of bulbar pyramids on instrumental conditioned reflexes in rats were shown to be in direct relationship with the time of its execution. In rats with stable conditioned reflexes, pyramidotomy impaired conditioned performance, on the average, for 3.9 days. However, preliminary transection of the pyramid delayed operant(More)
In white non-strain rats with elaborated instrumental responses preliminary section of the rubro-spinal tract was shown to promote the compensatory restorative processes after the destruction of the red nucleus and the ventrolateral thalamic nucleus. Facilitation observed is considered to be a result of transfer of the motor activity to the cortico-spinal(More)
Peculiarities of topographical distribution of the Deiters nucleus vestibulospinal neurons were studied by means of microelectrode technique. It is shown, in contrast to morphological data, that the localization of antidromically identified vestibulocervical (C-neurons) and vestibulolumbal (L-neurons) cells is not restricted to the ventral mid- and rostral(More)