V. V. Eremenko

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(93)Nb NMR studies were carried out for a single crystal of NbSe(2) at 73.328 MHz in the temperature range 9-300 K to investigate the normal and charge density wave (CDW) states. Detailed analysis of the NMR line shape of the central transition using a classical incommensurate model reveals the change in the conduction electron spin dynamics from above(More)
Biosynthesis of L-asparaginase (EC was inhibited in the growing culture of Bac. mesentericus 43A on addition of L-aspartic acid (20 mM). My treatment with methyl nitrosourea (2 mg/ml) mutants were obtained, which grew poorly on aspartic acid used as the only source of carbon and nitrogen. The aspartic acid did not repress the asparaginase(More)
Spin waves whose activation energy in exchange approximation remains finite and is defined by exchange magnetic interaction integrals are called exchange spin waves (ESW). In antiferromagnets with n magnetic sublattices, collinear in exchange approximation the SW spectrum exhibits n 2 exchange branches. Peculiarities of the ESW manifestation in the(More)