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The paper presents the results of typing by HLA classes I and II antigens in 55 patients with tuberculosis and 85 healthy Tyvians in the Erza District. Republic of Tyva. HLA I and II antigens were determined serologically and polymerase chain reaction, respectively. Tyvian patients with pulmonary tuberculosis had HLA B7 antigen more frequently and HLA B12(More)
The paper outlines the high-priority trends in basic and applied investigations of antituberculous immunity. It presents the results obtained from studies of the genetic mechanisms responsible for the control of susceptibility in experimental tuberculosis, from analyses of novel chemical and recombinant tuberculosis vaccines, from examinations of the role(More)
A total of 33 patients with chronic pyoobstructive bronchitis with immunological disorders (of T-cell and other links) and nonspecific responsiveness. The use of thymogen in multi-modality treatment contributed to normalization of T-cell immunity (increases in E-rosette formation, responses of blast cell transformation to phytohemagglutinin, Tx/Tc ratio),(More)
Healthy individuals and patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were typed by HLA antigens A, B, and C. They were all Tyvians and lived in different regions of the Republic of Tyva. Examination was made in 128 and 85 healthy individuals and 62 and 55 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis from the Todzhinsky and Erzinsky districts of the Republic of Tyva,(More)
Ultraviolet laser radiation (a wavelength of 248 nm) was examined in vitro for its bacteriostatic and bactericidal actions on M. tuberculosis H37Rv. Sterilization was achieved when a dose of 10 m/J/cm2 was applied. This indicates that this type of radiation suppresses both the formation of colonies upon exposure of free Mycobacteria in the suspension and(More)