V. V. Eremeev

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Atoms can scatter light and they can also amplify it by stimulated emission. From this simple starting point, we examine the possibility of realizing a random laser in a cloud of laser-cooled atoms. The answer is not obvious as both processes (elastic scattering and stimulated emission) seem to exclude one another: pumping atoms to make them behave as an(More)
A study was conducted which aimed to investigate the effect of farming systems (FS) (four conventional with increasing mineral N fertilizer amounts 0–150 kg of N ha−1) vs. two organic with catch crops (CC) and cattle manure (CC + M)) under the same five crop rotation system on the occurrence of tuber diseases such as common scab (Streptomyces spp.), silver(More)
We study a problem of optimal scheduling and lot-sizing a number of products on m unrelated parallel machines to satisfy given demands. A sequence dependent setup time is required between lots of different products. The products are assumed to be all continuously divisible or all discrete. The criterion is to minimize the time, at which all the demands are(More)
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