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This study was inspired by WHO program for vaccine development. Our experimental model of lethal tuberculosis in mice was used to test whether rapidly growing avirulent M. smegmatis could be used as a live vaccination vector for screening rationalized M. tuberculosis cosmid library. The results suggest that M. smegmatis is not likely to possess protective(More)
The paper presents the results of typing by HLA classes I and II antigens in 55 patients with tuberculosis and 85 healthy Tyvians in the Erza District. Republic of Tyva. HLA I and II antigens were determined serologically and polymerase chain reaction, respectively. Tyvian patients with pulmonary tuberculosis had HLA B7 antigen more frequently and HLA B12(More)
The paper outlines the high-priority trends in basic and applied investigations of antituberculous immunity. It presents the results obtained from studies of the genetic mechanisms responsible for the control of susceptibility in experimental tuberculosis, from analyses of novel chemical and recombinant tuberculosis vaccines, from examinations of the role(More)
A total of 32 patients with aggravated chronic pyo-obstructive bronchitis were studied. Various immunological disorders and impaired non-specific responsiveness were detected in this group of patients. With this, abnormal T cellular immunity (reduced T cell counts at the expense of T helpers and their reaction to PGA) was the leading T cell immunity(More)
T-clones specific for purified protein derivative of tuberculin are derived from mice with genetically different sensitivity to tuberculosis. The absolute majority of resultant T-clones express the T-helper phenotype and are restricted for the class II H-2 gene products. T-clones exert different effects on the bacteriostatic activity of syngeneic(More)
Basing on the clinical evidence, a comparative study was made of a diagnostic significance of ECG, biochemical findings and blood density in myocardial infarction. Unlike the former two criteria, changes in blood density allowed the clinicians to detect irreversible lesions in the myocardium. The method has advantages in prehospital diagnosis of the(More)
The impact of the in vivo administration of monoclonal antibodies against cytokines on the development of a pathological process in mice infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv-infected mice. The susceptibility to fatal experimental tuberculosis, the level of DTH to mycobacterial antigens, the production of specific antimycobacterial IgG and IgM,(More)