V. V. Dixit

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We present the rare case of a child with a supernumerary nostril and a contralateral naso-ocular cleft. The child also had a suggestion of a microform cleft lip. There are only six or seven cases of supernumerary nostrils reported in the literature. This case is also unique in that the additional nostril and the naso-ocular cleft were on opposite sides. We(More)
The phenomenon of tissue expansion is observed in nature all the time. The same properties of the human skin to stretch and expand and yield extra skin if placed under continuous stress over a prolonged period of time has been utilised for reconstructive purposes with the help of a silicon balloon inserted under the skin and progressively filled with(More)
Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures currently performed by plastic surgeons around the world. It must be clear at the outset that liposuction is not primarily a modality for weight loss, it is meant to be a body contouring procedure and therefore the inherent limitations and safety issues related to this must always be(More)
The use of additional mucosal bolstering of the nasal layer in cleft palate repairs is a commonly used technique. The buccal cheek mucosal flap is a common donor site. This flap is normally elevated using the surgeon's finger for counterpressure from the skin side of the cheek. A simple idea, using the cheek blade of the Dingman mouth gag externally, to(More)
Fault models are usually represented by trees or digraphs. Tree representations have fast algorithms. Digraph representations can have loops and they are easy to build and maintain. Neither of the two representations incorporate heuristic knowledge. Here we propose an AI based method to blend the representational capabilities of digraphs and the analytical(More)
Cleft palate can present in varying degrees of severity. Based on the development of the palate, the minimal expression is a posterior cleft. Submucous clefting is well described, and the reason for it is also postulated. However, a congenital hard palate fistula, with a normally developed posterior palate (with its full complement of mesodermal element),(More)
Senile ectropion of the lids is a common sequel to the changes of ageing. Development of a premalignant, metaplastic lesion in the everted lid is quite rare. Keeping the principles of malignancy surgery in mind, excision involves three-dimensional removal, and the residual structures consist of two thin “leaves” of skin and conjunctiva. An interesting(More)
Bradycardia following release of temporomandibular (TM) joint ankylosis is uncommon. We are reporting a case of longstanding TM joint ankylosis, which after release, resulted in significant bradycardia on jaw opening. The possible etiology of this bradycardia is discussed. There is hardly any literature available on this topic.
Lengthening of the nasal layer during cleft-palate surgery is frequently performed. The buccal myomucosal flap is a versatile source of tissue, for this very purpose. In an analysis of 47 consecutive patients in whom this procedure was followed, an analysis of the physical variables was undertaken, with a view to determine the true relevance of the flap. An(More)
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