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The main point of the talk is an alternative approach to the construction of numerical methods for stiff problems. It can be interpreted as a generalization of fixed-point iterations for implementation of implicit collocation methods. The algorithms proposed combine easy implementation and low cost of iterations with superior convergence properties on stiff(More)
In 198 cardiosurgical patients the treadmill test was performed with the noninvasive evaluation of the pump function of the heart and anaerobic threshold. The results were compared with echocardiographic sizes of the left atrium (LA), systolic and diastolic sizes of the left ventricle (CLV and DLV). It was shown that in patients with mitral stenosis the(More)
The object of the work was to disclose the possibilities of bimetric echocardiography in appraising the mobility of the mitral valve cusps in patients with mitral stenosis. The shape of the mitral cusp movement was studied in the longitudinal and transverse planes of the heart section. The results of the ultrasonic examinations were compared with the(More)
Surgical treatment of 40 patients with mitral valvular diseases and left atriomegaly is analysed. The dimensions of the giant left atrium in this group of patients must be reduced because it causes compression of the posterobasal part of the left ventricle, constriction of the lumen of the left main bronchus or compression of the inferior and middle lobes(More)