V. V. Bergoltz

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K562 leukaemia cells were selected for resistance using 0.5 microM etoposide (VP-16). Cloned K/VP.5 cells were 30-fold resistant to growth inhibition by VP-16 and 5- to 13-fold resistant to m-AMSA, adriamycin and mitoxantrone. K/VP.5 cells did not overexpress P-glycoprotein; VP-16 accumulation was similar to that in K562 cells. VP-16-induced DNA damage was(More)
C-jun mRNA and AP-1 levels were examined in etoposide (VP-16)-sensitive (K562) and -resistant (K/VP.5) human leukemia cell lines. Previously, we reported that K/VP.5 cells have increased basal levels of mRNA for the protooncogene c-jun (Ritke MK and Yalowich JC, Biochem Pharmacol 46: 2007-2020, 1993). In this study, we show that the 3-fold increase in c-jun(More)
Six novel antifolates with 2,4-diaminopyrimidine-fused five-membered rings containing either pyrrole or cyclopentene rings were characterized at the cellular and biochemical level. Five of these antifolates were more growth inhibitory to the CCRF-CEM human leukemia cell line than methotrexate [MTX; drug concentration effective at inhibiting cell growth by(More)
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