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A tunable hybrid integrated oscillator for a 76divide77 GHz vehicle radar has been developed. Miniature packaged Si IMPATT diode is used as an active element. The oscillator output power is synchronized to the 10th harmonic of the VCO reference signal. The oscillator is designed as an integrated assembly with a built-in power supply and an amplifier of the(More)
The estimation of thermal limitations for pulse operation mode in the 8 mm-wave band of double-drift impact avalanche and transit-time (IMPATT) diodes with microwave power ≥20 W. It is shown that at pulse duration of 300 ns and amplitude of 11.3-15 A; overheating of p-n junction is 270-430°C. The boundary value of temperature of p-n junction(More)
We present the results of our investigation of silicon double-drift diodes intended for the millimeter wavelength range. Their ohmic contacts to the n/sup +/-area were based on the Pd/sub 2/Si-Ti-Pd-Au metallization, while those to the p/sup +/-area were based on the Pd/sub 2/Si-TiN-Ti-Au metallization. The accelerated tests of these IMPATT diodes at T=335,(More)
Multidiode broadband microwave signal modulators based on 4H-SiC p-i-n diodes were fabricated and fully characterized for the first time. The diodes used for the modulator fabrication exhibited a blocking voltage of 1100 V, a 100-mA differential resistance of 1-3 Omega, a punch-through voltage (100 V) capacitance below 0.5 pF, and a carrier effective(More)
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