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This paper presents an overview on the design and implementation of a computer system for the interpretation of home monitoring data of diabetic patients. The comprehensive methodology covers the major information processing steps leading from raw data to a concise summary of what has happened between two subsequent visits. It includes techniques for(More)
The problem of universal sequential investment in stock markets is considered. We construct an algorithmic trading strategy that is asymptotically at least as good as any trading strategy that is not excessively complex and that computes the investment at each step using a fixed continuous function of the side information. This strategy uses predictions of(More)
Speaker recognition is carried out in the space of the functional parameters of the area of the glottal cross-section, found by solving the inverse problem. This problem is solved in two stages: first, the signal obtained by inverse filtering is approximated using the vocal source model, and then the glottal area model parameters, which generate the(More)
The problem of speaker recognition from a given set of speakers for any language and any context is considered. A database of Russian numerals that contains speech segments from 216 men and 177 women, each of whom spoke from 400 to 800 words, is used for recognition. Speech has been recorded on different types of microphones in different rooms at the(More)
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