V Torres Peris

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The authors studied the distribution of Langerhans cells in 42 cases of basal-cell epithelioma using monoclonals antibodies OKT6 and anti-HLA-Dr. The tumors are grouped in anatomopathologic subtypes. An increase of density of Langerhans cells is observed in the upper-tumoral epidermis. In the tissue tumour, the Langerhans cells are scarce, and we find a(More)
We present a new case of porokeratosis plantaris palmaris et disseminata (PPPD), observe in it a histological picture of cornoid lamella in palms, soles, arms, legs and trunk. In this dermatosis, mediant lectins and involucrin to establish keratinocytes alteration. The immunohistochemical studies have reveals not normal formation in the envelope cornea, and(More)
The authors studied by transmission electron microscopy a case of cutaneous argyria. Found round and oval forms into which there are a silver granules forming rings. Those images sequencied permit hypothesized that the winning of the solved silver by phagocytes into which are precipitate and eliminate out of the cell.