V. Thulasi Bai

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This chapter presents the design and architecture of real time Web centric telehealth diabetes diagnosis telemedicine system. Diabetes is the single most important metabolic disease, which can affect nearly every organ system in the body. It has been projected that 300 million individuals would be afflicted with diabetes by the year 2025. In India, it is(More)
A successful intelligent control of patient food for treatment purpose must combines patient interesting food list and doctors efficient treatment food list. Actually, many rural communities in Sudan have extremely limited access to diabetic diet centers. People travel long distances to clinics or medical facilities, and there is a shortage of medical(More)
Most of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) suffers from security related and overhead problems. During the inter domain routing, the conventional protocols require each gateway to resend its routing table periodically to all its neighbors thus increasing the delay. Since VPNs carry sensitive information over an insecure network, the traffic in this network(More)
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