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Noise on scanning electron microscope (SEM) images is studied. Gaussian noise is the most common type of noise in SEM image. We developed a new noise reduction filter based on the Wiener filter. We compared the performance of this new filter namely adaptive noise Wiener (ANW) filter, with four common existing filters as well as average filter, median(More)
Computed tomography (CT) is the initial imaging modality for stroke diagnoses. However, efficient approach to estimate window setting for CT brain images is not yet founded. Window setting consists of 2 components: window center (WC) and window width (WW). In this paper, a novelty estimation method namely estimation of window width using mean of greyscale(More)
A real-time local dynamic range compensation system for scanning electron microscope (SEM) imaging applications is studied in this paper. This improved method, average mid-point local recursive mean separate histogram equalization (AMPLRMSHE) uses conventional automatic brightness contrast range stability while providing a better 3D profile appearance. By(More)
A computerized brain database management system is designed and implemented to replace the existing traditional largely hand-recorded system in the radiological department of selectsd hospitals in Malaysia. The new system provides easy access to patient registration, diagnosis, and appointment. It can also collect, calculate and plot statistical data. Thus,(More)
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