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A procedure to calibrate a Fourier transform spectrometer is presented. Blackbody sources of three different temperatures are used to eliminate errors in the calibration that result from the limited accuracy of the temperature measurement of the calibration sources. With three spectra of blackbodies it is possible to assume that the temperatures are unknown(More)
Automatic identification of the digital modulation type of asignal has found applications in many areas, including software defined radio (SDR), surveillance and threat analysis. This paper describes the FPGA based implementation of Automatic Modulation Recognition (AMR) algorithm foradvanced communication payload. A wavelet transform based algorithm which(More)
Ein neues Verfahren und Gerät zur Entdeckung von Wild in Wiesen wird vorgestellt. Seine Verwendung als Suchgerät von Kitzen in der Drückphase, von Junghasen, sowie von Gelegen von Fasan und Rebhuhn ist vorgesehen. Beispielsweise ist der Einsatz zur Wildrettung vor der Mahd und zur Kitzmarkierung möglich. Zur Detektion des Tieres wird sein(More)
Designed for atmospheric pollution monitoring, a breadboard model of a new Michelson interferometer has been developed. It utilizes a nutating retroreflector to generate alterations in the geometrical and optical paths. The forward-backward stop-and-go movement of a reflecting element of conventional Michelson interferometers is thus replaced by a(More)
In this paper, the design and FPGA implementation of a Digital QPSK Demodulator which supports variable data rates varying from 4.88Kbps to 2Mbps and higher is described. The paper presents the design of carrier and symbol recovery loops in details. The design is made platform independent so that it can be ported to any FPGA device. Proposed design is(More)
Today, the primary constrain in wireless communication system is limited bandwidth and power. Wireless systems involved in transmission of speech envisage that efficient and effective methods be developed (bandwidth usage & power) to transmit and receive the same while maintaining quality-of-speech, especially at the receiving end. Speech coding is a(More)
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