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The speech enhancement is one of the important techniques used to improve the quality of a speech signal i.e. degraded by noise. Speech enhancement using conventional kalman filter require calculating the parameters of AR (auto-regressive) model, and performing a lot of matrix operations, which is non-adaptive. In this paper the proposed method i.e.(More)
This paper introduces a novel speech enhancement system based on sub-band wiener filter with pitch synchronous analysis. The perceptual filter bank provides a good auditory representation, good perceptual quality of speech. Sub-band wiener filter based Pitch synchronous analysis reduces drawbacks of fixed window shift. To increase the inter frame(More)
In this paper, combination of statistical model based approach and Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) based approach with on-line update of speech and noise bases for speech enhancement is proposed. Template based approaches are more robust and performs better to non-stationary noises compared to the statistical model based approaches. However, the(More)
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