V. Subbiah Bharathi

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Latest developments in VLSI, wireless communications, and biomedical sensing devices allow very small, lightweight, low power, intelligent sensing devices called biosensors. A set of these devices can be integrated into a Wireless Biomedical Sensor Network (WBSN), a new breakthrough technology used in telemedicine for monitoring the physiological condition(More)
In recent usage of internet in financial and information transaction, authentication becomes necessity for authorized access. Palmprint recognition is a widely accepted biometric authentication among various biometrics methodologies. The enormous feature content and less acquisition cost make it more reliable and user friendly. Texture is one of the vital(More)
Mammography is the most widely used and the most efficient method for detection of breast cancer. Computer Aided Diagnostic (CADx) systems are used to aid the radiologists in interpreting the mammograms. In this paper we propose an efficient CADx system for classifying the digital mammograms as benign (Non Cancerous) or Malignant (Cancerous). Dual Tree(More)
Texture is an important spatial feature which plays a vital role in content based image retrieval. The enormous growth of the internet and the wide use of digital data have increased the need for both efficient image database creation and retrieval procedure. This paper describes a new approach for texture classification by combining statistical texture(More)
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