V. Subba-Rao

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The atomic force microscope is broadly used to study the morphology of cells 1 – 5 but it can also probe the mechanics of cells. It is now known that cancerous cells may have different mechanical properties than normal cells 6 – 8 but the reasons for these differences are poorly understood 9. Here we report quantitatively the differences between normal and(More)
The hepatic effects of ciprofibrate, a potent peroxisome proliferator, were evaluated in male C57BL/6N mice, a mouse strain with very low incidence of spontaneous liver tumour development. Dietary feeding of ciprofibrate (0.0125% or 0.025% w/w) for 2 weeks resulted in a marked proliferation of peroxisomes (9-fold increase) and several-fold increase (8- to(More)
(NBOP), a postulated 3-metabolite of din -propyl-nitrosamine, has been found to be a potent carcinogen in different species of animals (Pour et al., 1977a; Rao & Pour, 1978; Pour et al., 1979). In hamsters, a single or repeated s.c. administration of NBOP (Pour et al., 1977a, 1978) is reported to cause a high incidence of pancreatic ductal tumours. Because(More)
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