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BACKGROUND In 1996, with the introduction of sequential media, we set up a programme of cryopreservation of supernumerary morulae (day 4) and blastocysts (day 5) using a vitrification procedure. Our results showed that the efficiency of the vitrification method was dependent on the stage of embryo development and was negatively correlated with the expansion(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was undertaken to examine the usefulness of both vitrification and assisted hatching (AH) on blastocysts that originate from embryos showing different qualities during their cleavage stage. METHODS A total of 281 blastocysts were vitrified (93 vitrification-warming cycles) in a mixture of ethylene(More)
The LAURA Cochlear Implant Program at the University of Antwerp was initiated 5 years ago. Up to now 50 children have received the LAURA cochlear implant (Philips Hearing Implants). Our accumulated experience in selecting the patients, counselling their parents, implanting and fitting the device allowed us to gradually modify the inclusion/exclusion(More)
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