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The genome of physalis mottle tymovirus (PhMV) is 6673 nucleotides long and is rich in cytosine residues (40.58%) like other tymoviruses. The organization of the genes is also similar to that of five other tymoviruses whose sequences are known. However, PhMV has the longest 3 ′ noncoding region as well as the longest replicase (RP) ORF. The RP sequences are(More)
Kawasaki disease is an acute, self-limiting febrile mucocutaneous vasculitis of infants and young children. Retropharyngeal lymphadenopathy is a rare presentation of Kawasaki disease. We present a case of Kawasaki disease mimicking a retropharyngeal abscess, with upper airway obstruction resulting in delayed diagnosis.
With the rapid growth of online information there is growing need for tools that help in finding filtering and managing the high dimensional data . text classification is a supervised learning task whose goal is to classify document into the predefined categories. Phases involved in text classification are collecting data set, preprocessing, stemming, and(More)
Medical professionals need a reliable prediction methodology to diagnose Diabetes. Data mining is the process of analysing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. The main goal of data mining is to discover new patterns for the users and to interpret the data patterns to provide meaningful and useful information for the(More)
WiMAX with femto-cells is a cost effective and spectrally efficient next generation broadband wireless communication systems. Femtocells are perceived as having a strong potential to provide high data-rate services with increased coverage at low cost. Femtocells will allow new services and business models to be offered to indoor users. Almost parallely, the(More)
In this paper, a Discrete cosine and Discrete Wavelet transform based algorithm for simultaneous image compression and encryption is proposed, which is useful for reliable data transmission. The Secure Force encryption algorithm used is pertinent to wireless sensor networks (WSN). The efficacy of our proposed algorithm is evaluated on the basis of the PSNR(More)
This project proposes S-MAC, a medium-access control (MAC) protocol designed for wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks use battery-operated computing and sensing devices. The sensor networks are expected to be deployed in an ad-hoc fashion, with individual nodes remaining largely inactive for long periods of time, but then becoming suddenly(More)
Physalis mottle virus (PhMV) belongs to the tymogroup of positive-strand RNA viruses with a genome size of 6 kb. Crude membrane preparations from PhMV-infectedNicotiana glutinosa plants catalyzed the synthesis of PhMV genomic RNA from endogenously bound template. Addition of exogenous gnomic RNA enhanced the synthesis which was specifically inhibited by the(More)
  • Poonam P. Rajurkar, Aditya G. Bhor, +23 authors Ole Winther
  • 2015
In day today life huge amount of electronic data is generated from various resources. Such data is literally large and not easy to work with for storage and retrieval. This type of data can be treated with various efficient techniques for cleaning, compression and sorting of data. Preprocessing can be used to remove basic English stop-words from data making(More)