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In this paper, we propose an architecture for floatingpoint based LU decomposition for large-sized matrices. Our proposed architecture is based on the well known concept of blocking and uses pipelined floating-point units to obtain high throughput. We first analyze the effects of block size and the deeply pipelined floating-point units on the performance of(More)
Unforeseen adverse effects exhibited by drugs contribute heavily to late-phase failure and even withdrawal of marketed drugs. Torsade de pointes (TdP) is one such important adverse effect, which causes cardiac arrhythmia and, in some cases, sudden death, making it crucial for potential drugs to be screened for torsadogenicity. The need to tap the power of(More)
Summary form only given. We first develop a novel architecture for fixed-point LU decomposition of streaming input matrices, on FPGAs. Our architecture, based on a circular linear array, achieves the minimal latency and is resource-efficient. We then extend it, by using a stacked matrices approach, to a floating-point based architecture, which achieves the(More)
Fatigue is a well recognized safety concern for drivers and other industrial workers who must stay alert and attentive for long periods of time. Currently, drowsiness detectors using EEG technology exist but are cumbersome and unreliable. The large number of standard EEG channels requires extensive wiring, while the conventional wet electrodes cause(More)
Content-Based Image Retrieval has been a major area of research in recent years. Efficient image retrieval with high precision would require an approach which combines usage of both the color and texture features of the image. In this paper we propose a method for enhancing the capabilities of texture based feature extraction and further demonstrate the use(More)
This paper proposes a Flash Analog to Digital Convsrter design based on the use of a Quantized Differential Comparator. The formulation explores the use of a systematically incorporated input offset voltage in a differential amplifier for quantizing the reference voltages necessary for Flash ADC architectures, thus eliminating the need for a passive(More)