V. Sri Nagesh

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Pregnancy is a period that places great physiological stress on both the mother and the fetus. When pregnancy is compounded by endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, the potential for maternal and fetal adverse outcomes can be immense. While a lot of attention has been focused on the adverse fetal outcomes consequent to hypothyroidism, attention is(More)
Prolactin has, for long, been associated with galactorrhea and infertility in women while its role in men is largely unknown. Recently, expression of prolactin in various other tissues like the breast, prostate, decidua, and the brain has been recognized. This has led to evaluation of paracrine and autocrine actions of prolactin at these tissues and a(More)
Type 1 Diabetes is a complex disorder that is made more complex by the myriad of co-morbid conditions associated with it. Mauriac Syndrome is a well-known but nowadays uncommon condition that presents with growth retardation secondary to poor glycaemic control. Limited Joint Mobility is an often-missed association of diabetes. Its importance lies in the(More)
With the recent explosion in endocrine conferences, audience fatigue has set in and conference planners are now looking at newer pedagogic methods to revive the interest of audiences in these conferences. The endocrine quiz has finally come of vogue and is increasingly becoming one of the most popular attractions of any ranking endocrine conference. The(More)
Ramadan fasting is associated with significant weight loss in both men and women. Reduction in blood pressure, lipids, blood glucose, body mass index and waist and hip circumference may also occur. However, benefits accrued during this month often reverse within a few weeks of cessation of fasting, with most people returning back to their pre-Ramadan body(More)
The last two decades have witnessed unprecedented activity in the field of OADs with many new drugs becoming available. Concerns with OAD include cardiovascular safety, fear about hypoglycemia, weight gain etc. In this article we attempt to review OADs , sulfonylureas in particular, in the light of the newer agents.
The ultimate dream of every young student stepping into the hallowed portals of a medical college is to achieve the holy grail of medical education, a DM seat. However, the real battle begins only after the DM seat is won. The residency is a veritable roller coaster ride all through the three years, with the student alternating between exhilaration and(More)
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