V. Sreenivas Raju

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Cranial sonography was performed in 34 infants with proven meningitis and with clinical suspicion of its complications, utilizing the patent anterior fontanelle. Twenty-five patients showed various sonographic findings which included ventriculomegaly, echogenic sulci, subdural effusion, ventriculitis, infarction/cerebritis, cerebral oedema, porencephalic(More)
BACKGROUND Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a metabolic disorder defined as glucose intolerance with the onset or first recognition during pregnancy. Women with GDM are at increased risk for adverse obstetric and perinatal outcome. The complications associated with GDM can be prevented by early recognition, intense monitoring and proper treatment. (More)
-The proportionate increase in the size of the data with increase in space implies that clustering a very large data set becomes difficult and is a time consuming process. Sampling is one important technique to scale down the size of dataset and to improve the efficiency of clustering. After sampling, allocating unlabeled data point into proper cluster is(More)
Grid computing provides solutions for various complex problems. Implementing computing intensive applications such as string matching problem on grid is inevitable. In this paper we present a new method for exact string matching based on grid computing. The function of the grid is to parallelize the string matching problem using grid MPI parallel(More)
The increase in huge amount of data is seen clearly in present days because of requirement for storing more information. To extract certain data from this large database is a very difficult task, including text processing, information retrieval, text mining, pattern recognition and DNA sequencing. So we need concurrent events and high performance computing(More)
Relational database management systems are mostly used for effective representation and retrieval of data. For the user, it is hard to learn the database interface language to deal with various operations on databases. Hence there is a need to construct a bridge between natural language query and database understandable query which is a major challenge. In(More)
Large centralized biometric databases, accessible over networks in real time are especially used for identification purposes. Multimodal biometric systems which are more robust and accurate in human identification require multiple templates storage of the same user analogous to individual biometric sources. This may raises concern about their usage and(More)
The string matching problem is one of the most studied problems in computer science. While it is very easily stated and many of the simple algorithms perform very well in practice, numerous works have been published on the subject and research is still very active. In this paper we propose a butterfly parallel computing model for parallel string matching.(More)
Identification of useful clusters in large datasets has attracted considerable interest in clustering process. Since data in the World Wide Web is increasing exponentially that affects on clustering accuracy and decision making, change in the concept between every cluster occurs named concept drift. The new data must be assigned to any one of generated(More)