V. Souza

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The choice of serum for supplementation of media for T cell assays and in particular, Elispot has been a major challenge for assay performance, standardization, optimization, and reproducibility. The Assay Working Group of the Cancer Vaccine Consortium (CVC-CRI) has recently identified the choice of serum to be the leading cause for variability and(More)
Cloud computing is the latest emerging technology which offers reduced capital expenditure, complexity, operational risks, maintenance, and increased scalability while providing the services at different abstraction levels, namely Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). A new approach called cloud(More)
The minimum spanning tree with fuzzy parameters problem is studied. As this problem conveys the need of large number of comparisons, a genetic algorithm solution is proposed to try to avoid the complexity issue. This algorithm uses possibility theory, searching for the solution set.
It is a known fact that today's access networks represent a bottleneck to provide full quality assured services to end users. Metropolitan networks and core backbones are over provisioned and rarely represent a problem from the end user perspective. The advent of triple-play has brought new aspects to be considered, since no quality drops are desired during(More)
The rapid emergence of new network scenarios and architectures, such as Data Centers Networks (DCNs), Path Computation Element (PCE), and Software Defined Networking (SDN), has refreshed some on-line routing-related problems, objective of many research efforts in the past. As a result, new scalable and efficient path computation algorithms are required to(More)
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