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depend on computer-processed transactions. As the computer’s role becomes more pervasive, businesses are attempting to warehouse huge volumes of historical data with the expectation of mining it for knowledge. These businesses hope to determine trends and patterns that could improve their organization’s effectiveness, efficiency, and prospects. A(More)
Traditional compilers are usually sequential programs that serially process source programs through lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis and code generation. The availability of multiprocessor computers has made it feasible to consider alternatives to this serial compilation process. The authors are currently engaged in a project to devise(More)
Concurrency is an attractive method for reducing the execution time of compilers. By dividing source programs into segments which can be compiled concurrently, the task of compiling programs can be accelerated. Many of the difficult problems which arise when constructing a concurrent compiler occur in the implementation of the semantic analyser. This paper(More)
A new approach to proactively maintain a massively interconnected communications network is described. Tl’fis approach has been applied to the detection and prediction of chronic transmission faults in AT&T’s digital communications network. A windowing technique was applied to large volumes of diagnostic data, and these data were analyzed by machine(More)
The present study investigates the peristaltic transport of non-Newtonian fluid, modeled as power law and Bingham fluid, in a diverging tube with different wall wave forms: sinusoidal, multi-sinusoidal, triangular, trapezoidal and square waves. Fourier series is employed to get the expressions for temporal and spatial dependent wall shapes. Solutions for(More)
We consider the application of several compute-intensive classification techniques to two significant real-world applications: disk drive manufacturing quality control and the prediction of chronic problems in large-scale communication networks. These applications are characterized by very high dimensions, with hundreds of features or tens of thousands of(More)