V. Selladurai

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With information revolution, increased globalization and competition, supply chain has become longer and more complicated than ever before. These developments bring supply chain management to the forefront of the management's attention. Inventories are very important in a supply chain. The total investment in inventories is enormous, and the management of(More)
Inventory management is considered to be an important field in Supply Chain Management because the cost of inventories in a supply chain accounts for about 30% of the value of the product. The service provided to the customer eventually gets enhanced once the efficient and effective management of inventory is carried out all through the supply chain. The(More)
An application of machine vision, incorporating neural networks, which aims to fully automate real-time inspection in component identification process, is described. The current methodology adopted comprises two distinct stages-the segmentation of the component from the background content of the image, and the segmentation of suspect defect areas inside the(More)
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