V. Selladurai

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Green production has become an important factor in recent years influencing the sustainability of the manufacturing sector. With increasing concern toward environmental protection, it has been found from the literature that the Green Supplier Selection is one of the approaches in solving environmental related issues. Supplier selection is a multi-criteria(More)
TRIZ tool is used for conceptual design and layout of the novel ascending and descending runway model for the effective utilization of short length airports. Handling bigger aircrafts at smaller airports become the necessity for economic consideration and for the benefit of vast airliners and the aspiring air travelers of the region. The authors' proposal(More)
The cutting forces exerted by the cutting tool on the work piece during a machining action to be identified in order to control the tool wear and occurrence of vibration, thus to improve tool-life. Modeling of cutting force in milling is often needed in machining automation. The objective of this study is to predict the effects of cutting parameters on the(More)
This research work presents the uniform parallel machine , earliness-tardiness, non-common due date scheduling problem, for jobs with varying processing times, where the objective is to minimize the sum of the absolute deviations of job completion times from their corresponding due dates for the different weighted earliness and tardiness combinations. An(More)