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This paper proposes an Art Modified Single Linkage Clustering approach (ART-MOD-SLC) to solve cell formation problems in Cellular Manufacturing. In this study, an ART1 network is integrated with Modified Single Linkage Clustering (MOD-SLC) to solve cell formation problems. The Percentage of Exceptional Elements (PE), Machine Utilization (MU), Grouping(More)
Tabled sampling schemes such as MIL-STD-105D offer limited flexibility to quality control engineers in designing sampling plans to meet specific needs. We describe a closed form solution to determine the AQL indexed single sampling plan using an artificial neural network (ANN). To determine the sample size and the acceptance number, feed-forward neural(More)
This paper aims to estimate the error in the control of a robot arm model by analyzing dynamics of the robot arm. The dynamics of robot arm has represented in the form of second order differential equation. A meticulous attempt has been made to estimate the error by comparing the solutions obtained using Single Term Walsh Series (STWS) and Single-Term Haar(More)
Biodiesel fuels derived from vegetable oils are quite promising alternative fuels for diesel engines, because of their low environmental impact and has potential as an alternative fuel for diesel engine without any modification on the engine. The present investigation focuses on the study on simultaneous reduction of NOx and smoke emissions by water(More)
TRIZ tool is used for conceptual design and layout of the novel ascending and descending runway model for the effective utilization of short length airports. Handling bigger aircrafts at smaller airports become the necessity for economic consideration and for the benefit of vast airliners and the aspiring air travelers of the region. The authors' proposal(More)