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We investigated whether people can use analog imagery to model the behavior of a simple mechanical interaction. Subjects saw a static computer display of two touching gears that had different diameters. Their task was to determine whether marks on each gear would meet if the gears rotated inward. This task added a problem of coordination to the typical(More)
A. CESIUM CLOCK During the last quarter the cesium beam apparatus which has been under construction to provide a primary frequency standard for the Atomic Beam laboratory has been in successful operation. Much useful information has been obtained showing that such a 10 system can be expected to provide a long term stability approaching 1 part in 1010 133(More)
The aim of this study consists in the validation of a welding quantitative non destructive evaluation in industrial radiology. The welding objects presented in this paper are composed of high density metal rings. Perfect knowledge of the weld geometry and flaws characteristics is an important step to appreciate the weld quality. The apparatus is composed of(More)
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