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Mobile robot competitions are events well suited to experimentation, research and development in many areas concerned with science and technology, ranging from material science to artificial intelligence. Aware of this fact, and for several years now, some Portuguese Universities have been involving some of their Engineering and Computer Science students in(More)
Mobile Robot competitions are an important way for dissemination of science and engineering to the general public but are also excellent way of testing and comparing different research strategies. In this paper we discuss how today’s research challenges of Intelligent and Autonomous Mobile Robots are being handled by the Autonomous Driving competition that(More)
The financial crisis and the growth of Information Technology have led companies to look for innovative ways to achieve knowledge in order to meet the demands of the market. This article presents a synthesis definition of characteristics and behaviors of the companies phase to risks, to design a tool of simulation of competitiveness that is an advantage for(More)
This work explores the application of information technologies in the processes of mentoring, allowing to optimize them and adapting this service of mentoring, to the current reality. It is intended to understand the importance of e-mentoring for the improvement and achievement of objectives for both apprentices and mentors, in which it shows how the(More)
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