V. Santhi

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This work presents an application of bio-inspired flower pollination algorithm (FPA) for tuning proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller in load frequency control (LFC) of multi-area interconnected power system. The investigated power system comprises of three equal thermal power systems with appropriate PID controller. The controller gain(More)
BACKGROUND In the age of information superhighway, big data play a significant role in information processing, extractions, retrieving and management. In computational biology, the continuous challenge is to manage the biological data. Data mining techniques are sometimes imperfect for new space and time requirements. Thus, it is critical to process massive(More)
This paper presents an optimal design of low noise amplifier (LNA) using an efficient swarm-based optimizer called firefly algorithm (FA). Many researchers have used firefly algorithm to solve various nonlinear engineering problems and reported outstanding results. In view of this, FA is implemented for the first time in this paper to optimize the(More)
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