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424 Abstract-Due to the advancement in Computer technology and readily available tools, it is very easy for the unknown users to produce illegal copies of multimedia data which are floating across the Internet. In order to protect those multimedia data on the Internet many techniques are available including various encryption techniques, steganography(More)
Active Queue Management (AQM) can potentially reduce packet loss rate in the Internet. This is used by routers for control congestion, where packets are dropped before queues become full. In this paper, a new framework of AQM, namely NEWQUE active queue management algorithm supporting explicit congestion notification (ECN), is proposed. The objective of the(More)
As the popularity of digital media is growing, and world is becoming smaller, all due to the internet connectivity and WWW phenomena, the copyright protection of intellectual properties have become a necessity for prevention of illegal copying and content integrity verification. So, to achieve these requirements, a hybrid digital image watermarking scheme(More)
8 Abstract– As DC coefficients are perceptually most significant and more robust to many unintentional attacks (signal processing) and intentional attacks (unauthorized removal), in this paper we proposed a robust non-blind watermarking algorithm based on DC coefficients for color images. DC coefficients are obtained by applying discrete wavelet(More)
BACKGROUND In the age of information superhighway, big data play a significant role in information processing, extractions, retrieving and management. In computational biology, the continuous challenge is to manage the biological data. Data mining techniques are sometimes imperfect for new space and time requirements. Thus, it is critical to process massive(More)
In order to design the congestion control scheme in the routers, an Active Queue Management (AQM) is proposed. This is used to control congestion at the router, where packets are dropped before queue becomes full. A new framework of AQM, namely NEWQUE with Per-flow Scheduling (PerNEWQUE) active queue management algorithm supporting explicit congestion(More)
This work presents an application of bio-inspired flower pollination algorithm (FPA) for tuning proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller in load frequency control (LFC) of multi-area interconnected power system. The investigated power system comprises of three equal thermal power systems with appropriate PID controller. The controller gain(More)