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Using the atomic absorption spectroscopy technique, the plasma concentrations of zinc were measured in 32 patients with Down's syndrome (DS) and in 44 healthy controls (C). An obvious and significant decrease in the levels of this element was observed in the trisomic subjects (DS:124.5 +/- 21.7 micrograms/dl; C:150.3 +/- 28 micrograms/dl). Additionally,(More)
Some individuals with Down syndrome develop an Alzheimer-type dementia in the third and fourth decades of life. Dementia in Alzheimer disease has been associated with the presence of genotype epsilon 4/epsilon 4 in apolipoprotein E (apo E). By means of molecular analysis techniques genotypes in lipoprotein apo E were identified in 21 patients with Down(More)
Two patients affected with Alport's syndrome belonging respectively to two families with a high incidence of urinary, auditive and ocular symtoms, are described. The most relevant features are commented pointing out that Alport's syndrome could be a structural malformation of the whole or only one part of a type of colagen probably specific of the basal(More)
A prospective clinical trial is carried out in 88 patients undergoing surgery for removal of the appendix. Authors show the efficacy of the association of pre and postoperative gentamycin plus clindamycin or lincomycin in prevention of postoperative infections, which, in the cases with non-ruptured appendix was 0%, and in gangrenous or perforated cases was(More)
A case of a boy with a papular acrodermatitis caused by an Epstein-Barr viral infection is presented. This makes us consider actualized criteria relating to diseases in the Gianotti-Crosti syndrome and its relationship with the presence or absence of Australian antigen.
The pattern of breathing of 18 preterm newborn infants weighing less than 1500 g. at birth, and old 35 full-term newborns weighing more than 2500 g. at birth were studied during the neonatal period. The newborns were grouped according to postnatal age. (less than 24 hrs; 24 hrs.-7 days and less than 7 days). The inspiratory and expiratory flow was measured(More)
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