V. S. Zhdanov

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Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) is associated with a spectrum of structural changes in the pulmonary arteries: increased medial thickness, eccentric and concentric intimal thickening, obliteration and recanalization of arteries, and appearance of plexiform and dilatation lesions. The purpose of the present study was to further characterize these(More)
AIM To study morphological and functional state of mast cells from intima of the aorta and pulmonary artery associated with acute cardiovascular failure due to myocardial infarction. MATERIAL Vessels of 44 men who died of acute myocardial infarction at the age of 42-73 years. METHODS Intimal cellular elements were analyzed in membranous preparations of(More)
We conducted an analysis of the data from two epidemiological autopsy studies of atherosclerosis in men aged 20-59 years in 1963-66 (the first study, 7470 cases) and in 1985-88 (the second study, 9600 cases). The investigations were performed in accordance with a special program of the World Health Organization in 11 town populations: Ashkhabad(More)
Data obtained from a cross-sectional population study of men aged 20-54 years and results of a morphological epidemiological examination of the aorta and coronary arteries of 507 men aged 20-59 years, deceased from various causes in the city of Tallinn, were analysed to find whether there is a relationship between the prevalence of ischaemic heart disease(More)
The data of epidemiological surveys of atherosclerosis conducted with a 25-year interval in populations of 5 cities and of histometry of the standard areas of coronary arteries in healthy subjects aged 20-39 show that severity of atherosclerosis in healthy subjects correlates with that in the whole population. This finding validates usage of a group of(More)
A quantitative study was made of atherosclerosis in the aorta and coronary arteries in 3 groups of 20-59-year old male patients: (1) aborigines such as Yakuts, Chukchi, Evenks; (2) those born in the North (Russians born in Yakutia); and (3) new comers (120, 103, and 233 cases, respectively) after Sudan IV staining of the aortas and coronary arteries. The(More)
We have analyzed the development of aortic and coronary atherosclerosis over 40 years in native and non-native males of Yakutsk by comparing the data obtained in 1963-1965, 1985-1987 and 2001-2003. The research was carried out in compliance with the WHO program for the atherosclerosis epidemiology studies using autopsy material. Subjects (361 natives and(More)
Autopsy and operative material (adrenalectomy for hyperaldosteronism) was studied to elucidate morphology, incidence of nodules, aldosterone content in the adrenal of patients with essential hypertension (EH). It was established than nodular masses in the adrenals in the form of micro and macronodules are present in 80% of EH patients. Aldosterone content(More)