V. S. Vignesh

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Rare earth elements (REEs) are among the common minerals in the Rare earth environment that are very precious and also enhance soil properties. The aim of this present study is to evaluate the accumulation of REEs by bacterial isolates of rare earth environment. Morphological and biochemical characterization were done for 37 bacterial isolates and also(More)
Bacillus species isolated from the gut of healthy Labeo rohita (Hamilton) were screened for antibacterial activity against selected fish pathogens. Among the isolates, KADR5 and KADR6 showed antibacterial activity, tolerated low pH and high bile concentrations and were susceptibility to various antibiotics. Based on morphological and biochemical tests and(More)
In the present study, to comprehend the genetic diversity of mosquitocidal bacteria, the genotypic analysis of 30 strains of Bacillus species isolated newly from diverse environmental sources has been conducted. Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA polymerase chain reaction was conducted to characterize the genotype diversity between the bacterial strains.(More)
Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) are potential materials for various applications due to their good physical and mechanical properties. The addition of reinforcements into the metallic matrix improves the stiffness, specific strength, wear, creep and fatigue properties compared to the conventional engineering materials. This paper presents the overview of(More)
Current day processors utilize a complex and finely tuned system software to map applications across their cores and extract optimal performance. However with increasing core counts and the rise of heterogeneity among cores, tremendous stress will be exerted on the software stack leading to bottlenecks and underutilization of resources. We propose an(More)
Atrazine, a herbicide is one the most toxic and sustaining pollutants in aquatic environment. It is detectable in surface water and in underground sources of drinking water. Many studies indicate that atrazine might be a potent endocrine disrupting xenobiotic. There are limited studies have revealed that the effects of atrazine on sex steroids hormones,(More)
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