V. S. Vignesh

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This paper presents developmental design of a simple bipedal walking robot. The robot replicates the walking style of a human particularly walking upright. The robot is built with lightweight Aluminium sheets which act as the structural members and also housing the servos. A controller using EyeBot produces intelligent commands to the servos for walking and(More)
—Due to rapid growth of the number of Web pages, web users encounter two main problems, namely: many of the retrieved documents are not related to the user query which is called low precision, and many of relevant documents have not been retrieved yet which is called low recall. Information Retrieval (IR) is an essential and useful technique for Web search.(More)
Atrazine, a herbicide is one the most toxic and sustaining pollutants in aquatic environment. It is detectable in surface water and in underground sources of drinking water. Many studies indicate that atrazine might be a potent endocrine disrupting xenobiotic. There are limited studies have revealed that the effects of atrazine on sex steroids hormones,(More)
— this paper presents a multilevel inverter model working in H-bridge topology. The multilevel model comprises of several H-bridge models consisting of MOSFET/IGBT that are cascaded to get desired number of levels. The inverter is fed from existing AC supply which is rectified and fed to inverter. The inverter is controlled using PWM technique. This model(More)
—Free space optical (FSO) communication systems is a high bandwidth access technique which is gaining widespread attention compared to its wired communication counterparts. A major disadvantage in FSO links is the turbulence induction fading which severely degrades the link performance. To overcome this turbulence-induced fading, spatial diversity is used(More)
— The main objective of this work is to compare the algorithms of Support Vector Machine(SVM) and Kernel Principal Component Analysis(KPCA) to improve the accuracy and performance of the numerical dataset. SVM fails to consider global information and has high computational complexity. Along with LDA, SVM overcomes the above disadvantages but cannot be(More)
—Current day processors utilize a complex and finely tuned system software to map applications across their cores and extract optimal performance. However with increasing core counts and the rise of heterogeneity among cores, tremendous stress will be exerted on the software stack leading to bottlenecks and underutilization of resources. We propose an(More)
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