V. S. Varadarajan

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Let T be a random field weakly invariant under the action of a compact group G. We give conditions ensuring that independence of the random Fourier coefficients is equivalent to Gaus-sianity. As a consequence, in general it is not possible to simulate a non-Gaussian invariant random field through its Fourier expansion using independent coefficients
We consider regions of images that exhibit smooth statistics, and pose the question of characterizing the "essence" of these regions that matters for recognition. Ideally, this would be a statistic (a function of the image) that does not depend on viewpoint and illumination, and yet is sufficient for the task. In this manuscript, we show that such(More)
It is well known that the category of super Lie groups (SLG) is equivalent to the category of super Harish-Chandra pairs (SHCP). Using this equivalence, we define the category of unitary representations (UR's) of a super Lie group. We give an extension of the classical inducing construction and Mackey imprimitivity theorem to this setting. We use our(More)
To Seshadri, for his seventieth birthday 1. Introduction. I have known Seshadri for many years. I still remember the first time when I came across his name in a Séminaire Chevalley volume on Variétés de Picard. I was at the Indian Statistical Institute at that time and was browsing in the library one day when I noticed that a certain Conjeevaram S. Seshadri(More)
The transverse symbol of a vector-valued distribution supported on a submanifold is introduced and a micro-local vanishing theorem for spaces of such distributions invariant under a Lie group is proved. We give transparent proofs of results of Bruhat and Harish-Chandra on the irreducibility of parabolically or normally induced representations, and of(More)
Functions, flows and oscillatory integrals on flag manifolds and conjugacy classes in real semisimple Lie groupstion commerciale ou impression systématique est constitutive d'une infraction pénale. Toute copie ou impression de ce fichier doit conte-nir la présente mention de copyright. Article numérisé dans le cadre du programme Numérisation de documents(More)