V. S. Senthilkumar

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An outbreak of sheep pox occurred in December 2001 on a sheep breeding farm in Jammu, India. The farm maintains three exotic breeds of sheep, i.e. American Merino, Rambouillet and Australian cross. The disease agent was confirmed as sheep pox virus by clinical and post-mortem examination as well as laboratory testing. Typical pock lesions were dispersed(More)
AIMS Disruption of the extracellular Zymomonas mobilis sucrase gene (sacC) to improve levan production. METHODS AND RESULTS A PCR-amplified tetracycline resistance cassette was inserted within the cloned sacC gene in pZS2811. The recombinant construct was transferred to Z. mobilis by electroporation. The Z. mobilis sacC gene, encoding an efficient(More)
Optimization of process parameters is an important aspect in manufacturing engineering. Multi-objective optimization of process parameters is a complex process. Pareto-optimal solution methodologies are widely used now-a-days. The present investigation focuses on the three objective multiple performance optimization of drilling parameters in drilling of(More)
In Zymomonas mobilis, the extracellular levansucrase (SacB) and extracellular sucrase (SacC) are involved in sucrose hydrolysis. Genes coding for these two enzymes (sacB and sacC) are arranged in a cluster in the genome and separated by a short intervening sequence. The level of sacC transcript was 12-fold higher than that of sacB transcript. On the other(More)
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