V. S. Rakesh Krishna

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AIMS To compare the shear bond strength of sixth generation and seventh generation bonding agents to dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS EIGHTY HUMAN MAXILLARY PREMOLARS WERE REDUCED TO EXPOSE FLAT SURFACE OF DENTIN AND DIVIDED INTO FOUR EQUAL GROUPS, WHICH WERE BONDED USING FOLLOWING BONDING AGENTS: Sixth generation bonding agents, Adper SE Plus and Xeno III(More)
The paper proposes a 720 Mbps visible light communication (VLC) system using 64-QAM-OFDM signals. Transmission of signals is achieved by modulating red, green and blue (RGB) light emitting diodes (LEDs) and transmitting all three wavelengths over free space optical (FSO) channel after subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) of 64-QAM-OFDM signals on two RF carriers.(More)
In this paper, a simple hybrid radio-over fiber network that can transmit a different quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) signals simultaneously over a 50-km fiber link is investigated. Simulation results indicate that a maximum of 162 Mbps-64QAM and 108 Mbps-16QAM signals can be sent simultaneously using Optical Single Side Band (OSSB) generation(More)
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