V. S. Ponomarchuk

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We studied the effect of electrical stimulation of the visual analyzer (evoking a phosphen phenomenon, the phosphen-electrostimulation, PES) on the visual functions, hemodynamics in the eye and brain, and general immune reactivity; the examined group Included patients afflicted with myopia. It was shown that the main visual functions, like visual keenness(More)
Complex investigations of the functional state of the visual analyser and vascular system has been carried out in 150 practically healthy members of a screw working in extreme conditions of a long-term voyage. It is shown that approximately one month after the beginning of the voyage the observed members of the screw developed signs of functional changes in(More)
For the purpose of studying the influence of extreme conditions of a long-term voyage on the functional state of the visual analyser, light sensitivity was studied in 21 seamen. It is shown that adaptation mechanisms regulating light sensitivity have a phase tendency: phase is characterized by a rise of the level of light sensitivity within first 90-120(More)