V S Petrus

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The present paper approaches the comparative design and analysis of 5 SRM topologies for an EPAS application. Different number of phases and different combination of stator and rotor pole number will be considered, keeping the same main dimensions (outer and inner stator diameter, airgap length, stack length, stator pole height, stator yoke width, rotor(More)
Hydrodynamic data, i.e. intrinsic viscosity and sedimentation coefficient, for denatured globular proteins in 6 M guanidinium chloride have been re-analysed in terms of the Yamakawa-Fujii theory of the wormlike cylinder model. Molecular parameters thus obtained ((mean value of R2 0/M) infinity, the Kuhn statistical segment length and the molecular weight(More)
A study was made of 256 young children suffering from gastroenterocolitis, dyspepsia, food poisoning for the presence of conditionally pathogenic representatives of the Enterobacteriaceae family. Klebsiellae were isolated in 39.8% of the patients and in 22.3% of 67 healthy children. A study was made of morphological, cultural-biochemical properties and the(More)