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Evaluation of the dose-dependent effects of heavy metals on the viability of a human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cell culture showed that 50% cell death was observed in the presence of 5 × 10–4 М lead, 5 × 10–6 М cadmium, 5 × 10–5 М cobalt, and 10–5 М molybdenum. The presence of these metals led to an increase in the level of reactive oxygen species (ROS) (from(More)
Protective effect of the natural dipeptide carnosine on the antioxidant system of rats under conditions of oxidative stress caused by chronic cadmium administration was investigated. Oxidative status of experimental animals were evaluated based on a number of informative parameters of iron-induced chemiluminescence. It was shown that the introduction of(More)
The diversity of Lb. rhamnosus and Lb. fermentum strains isolated from feces, saliva, and the vaginal cavity of 18–22-year-old healthy women residing in central regions of the Russian Federation has been characterized. The results obtained using multilocus sequence typing were identical to those obtained with the analysis of genetic and genomic polymorphism(More)
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