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Scheloribates laevigatus (Koch, 1836) and Scheloribates fimbriatus (Thor, 1930), predominant species of oribatids in soil of Bombay region, were experimentally exposed to infection by uniform suspensions of eggs of Moniezia expansa and M. benedeni. The percentages of mites infected and the average number of cysticercoids developing were observed in 12 sets(More)
The life cycle of Moniezia expansa was studied experimentally using 10 species of oribatid mites as intermediate hosts. Four of them became infected, namely Scheloribates laevigatus (76.2%), Sch. latipes (70.8%), Liacarus coracinus (20%) and Platynothrus peltifer (1.1%). The last was found for the first time to serve as intermediate host of M. expansa in(More)
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