V. S. Mikhailenko

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Experimental data are presented that are consistent with the hypothesis that anomalous rf absorption in helicon sources is due to electron scattering arising from parametrically driven ion-acoustic waves downstream from the antenna. Also presented are ion temperature measurements demonstrating anisotropic heating (T( perpendicular)>T(parallel)) at the edge(More)
The temporal evolution of drift Alfvén waves in an inhomogeneous plasma of low and finite pressure with homogeneous shear flow is studied as an initial value problem without the use of spectral expansion in time. The cases of plasma with cold and hot ions, weak and strong flow shear are considered separately. It is shown that the conventional modal(More)
The linear and renormalized nonlinear analysis of the temporal evolution of drift-type modes in plasma flows with strong time-varying velocity shear is developed. Analysis is performed in the time domain without spectral decomposition in time and admits time variation of the flow velocity with time scales which may be comparable with turbulent time scales.(More)
The analytical treatment of nonlinear evolution of the shear-flow-modified current driven ion cyclotron instability and shear-flow-driven ion cyclotron kinetic instabilities of magnetic field–aligned plasma shear flow is presented. Analysis is performed on the base of the nonlinear dispersion equation, which accounts for a new combined effect of plasma(More)
The temporal evolution of drift-Alfv en waves in a plasma ow with homogeneous shear is studied as an initial value problem without the use of spectral expansion in time. It is shown that the conventional modal structure of the drift-Alfv en instability (as well as drift and Alfv en waves) pertains only in the initial stage of its evolution. For larger(More)
Experimentally observed anisotropic ion heating in helicon plasma sources may result from the interaction of ions with ion-sound turbulence. The ion-sound turbulence develops due to excitation of the short scale, kinetic, parametric ion-sound instability. From the quasilinear equation for the ion distribution function, which includes the induced scattering(More)
Methods of adapting automated control systems have been studied in order to determine the advantages of intellectual methods. It has been shown that the application of a self-learning neurofuzzy network enables one to implement adaptive setting parameters of a regulator and provide the given quality criteria and robotic systems’ ability to function in base(More)
The temporal evolution of perturbations in stratified flow with inhomogeneous shear is examined analytically by an extension of the nonmodal approach to flows with inhomogeneous shear. The solutions of the equations that govern the linear evolution and the weak nonlinear evolution of perturbations of the stream function for stratified flow with monotonic(More)
The studying of nonneutral plasma (in Russian: rotating plasma, plasma in crossed fields, charged plasma) at Karazin Kharkov National University has been started in 1965 in connection with the problems of RF heating of plasma in fusion devices, of the ICR-method of separation of isotopes and elements, of plasma technologies. Plasma, has been created in a(More)
The standard method for optimal routing based on the adaptive distance vector algorithm is considered. Its advantages and disadvantages are analyzed. An intelligent algorithm based on the neural network theory is proposed as an alternative. The simulation showed that the use of neural networks in the router makes it possible to reduce network equipment(More)
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