V S Lyzohub

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The responses of the vegetative nervous system to a stress situation at the examination psycho--emotional strain were investigated on the students possessing different individual-typological characteristics of the higher nervous activity (HNA). We observed a decrease in the parasympathetic influences on the heart rate and an activation of the(More)
A speed of central information processing (CIP) and its correlation with individual-typological properties of high mental activity (HMA): by functional mobility (FMNP) and by force (FNP) of nervous processes were investigated. It was found statistically significant distinctions between the indexes of CIP in the examined groups with different levels of FMNP(More)
It was established that the showing and coefficient of the nervous system power were connected with each other only in the conditions of determining them during working up of complex sensomotor information. The coefficient of the nervous system power determined in the conditions of working up of complex sensomotor information is not connected with showings(More)
The maximal rate of hand movements (under the tapping-test), depending on the peculiarities of the basic nervous processes, was studied in cadets of the military schools. Parametres of the variable rows under investigation have been shown not to be related; as well as significant differences in the average meanings of the maximal rate in the groups of(More)
Relations between functional agility of the nervous processes (FANP) and functional state (FS) of the central nervous system at performing simple and difficult sensomotor tasks have been studied. It has been shown that FANP is of the exceptional importance in forming FS of the central nervous system only to perform difficult mental tasks.
The age dynamics of attention's function and its correlation with functional mobility of nervous processes at adults in age from 21 to 74 years old were studied. It was determined that this period of ontogenesis characterized gradual and irregular determination this function. It was revealed that mean exponents of attention's qualities and peculiarities its(More)
We have been studying peculiarities of vegetative provision of mental activity with different level of difficulty. It was revealed that efficiency of mental activity of children from junior school depends on the difficulty of the given visual information and vegetative provision. It was proved that children from junior school had the highest level of mental(More)
The age peculiarities of higher nervous activity as well as the formation of temporary characteristics which are of different complication in motor reactions have been studied among 319 senior pupils of 14-17 years old with different levels of development the qualities of main nervous processes. It was shown to be true that the period of senior school age(More)
On younger school age's children during three-year individual training (from 1st till 3rd classes) it was shown the dynamics of basic nervous properties formation and transitory visual memory productivity, the dynamics of memory function formation and the individual memory properties status depending on typological properties of high nervous activity. The(More)
We studied age dynamics of function of short optic memory, condition of evolution its depending on volume of functional mobility and power of nervous processes in school pupil from 14 to 17 years old. It was shown that in school pupil from 14 to 17 years old take place quick growth of functional of memory. We established positive of correlation dependence(More)
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