V. S. Durve

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Udaipur, Banswara and Dungarpur districts of southern Rajasthan (India) have dominance of tribal population. In these districts besides other water resources, hand pumps are catering the need for drinking water. The present study was undertaken to assess the level of chemical and bacteriological status for comparing the water quality with the prevailing(More)
Static bioassays with copper (as CuSO4 · 5H2O) were conducted in laboratory with a freshwater pond snailViviparus bengalensis, at different environmental temperatures. The 96 hr LC50 values in ppm of Cu were 0.060 at 32.5 °C; 0.066 at 24 °C; 0.09 at 27.3 °C and 0.39 at 20.3 °C. In higher copper concentrations some behavioural changes such as secretion of(More)
The paper deals with the variations in the toxicity of 2,4-D to Cyprinus carpio at different temperatures during different seasons of the year. The higher temperature has higher toxicity and vice versa at the same concentration. The TLm values indicate that there is a 7–7.5 fold increase in toxicity with the rise in temperature from 17°C in February(More)
Abnormalities in the body curvatures were noticed in Cyprinus carpio after the injection of anaesthetics, viz. paraldehyde, tertiary butyl alcohol and butanol. These abnormalities occurred behind the dorsal fin and progressively developed over a period of four months. The abnormalities affect the locomotion and speed of swimming of the fish and appear to be(More)
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