V. S. Ananthanarayana

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The increasing number of Web services over the Web makes the requester to use tools to search for suitable Web services available throughout the globe. UDDI is the first step towards meeting these demands. However the requester's demand may include not only functional aspects of Web services but also nonfunctional aspects like quality of service (QoS).(More)
The increasing number of Web service providers over the Web has prompted the need for research in service description and discovery. The Web service requesters need tools, in order to search suitable services that satisfy the requester’s needs. The Web service discovery is defined as a mechanism that allows the service requester to gain an access to(More)
We introduce a knowledge-based approach to mine generalized association rules which is sound and interactive. Proposed mining is sound because our scheme uses knowledge for mining for only those concepts that are of interest to the user. It is interactive because we provide a user controllable parameter with the help of which user can interactively mine.(More)
The increasing number of Web service providers with numerous functionally similar or same Web services produced a new problem of choosing a suitable Web service for the requester based on his expectations. The quality of service (QoS) can be used to select and rank functionally similar Web services. In this paper we define four Web service provider(More)
Semantic Web service discovery finds a match between service requirement and service advertisements based on the semantic description. The discovery mechanism does not consider quality and business offers of advertised Web services. In this paper, we propose ontology based semantic Web service architecture for selection which recommends the best match for(More)
Due to the proliferation of high-speed Internet access, more and more organizations are becoming vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks. An intrusion is defined as any set of actions that compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of a resource. Intrusion Detection System (IDS), as the main security defending technique, is widely used against(More)
In todaypsilas business environment, the business offers have an inevitable importance in giving the buyer the most profitable deal. In order to improve the business, the service providers attract the customers by advertising a lot of attractive offers. There is a need for the selection mechanism which accepts the requesterpsilas various requirements on(More)