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The isonymy structure of trilingual Belgium was studied using the surname distributions for 1,118,004 private telephone users. The users were distributed in 77 Flemish, 76 French, and 3 German speaking towns, selected on a geographic basis to form an approximately regular grid over Belgium. Lasker's distance was found to be considerably higher between(More)
This paper concerns the use of iterative solvers in interior-point methods for linear and quadratic programming problems. We state an adaptive termination rule for the inner iterative scheme and we prove the global convergence of the obtained algorithm, exploiting the theory developed for inexact Newton methods. This approach is promising for problems with(More)
This work presents some considerations about the process of producing and the use of audio and video components in Web based courses. We discuss some aspects related to the infrastructure necessary to produce and deliver this material and we present some conclusions of our experience in producing our Web based courses using these elements. One of the most(More)
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