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This paper concerns the use of iterative solvers in interior-point methods for linear and quadratic programming problems. We state an adaptive termination rule for the inner iterative scheme and we prove the global convergence of the obtained algorithm, exploiting the theory developed for inexact Newton methods. This approach is promising for problems with(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The pituitary gland is located outside of the blood-brain barrier. Dynamic T1 weighted contrast enhanced sequence is considered to be the gold standard to evaluate this region. However, it does not allow assessment of intrinsic permeability properties of the gland. Our aim was to demonstrate the utility of radial volumetric(More)
OME YEARS ago, while conducting a workshop, I had an interesting conversation with a teacher who had recently been a runner-up for " Teacher of the Year " in her state. Even though she had been in the profession for about 15 years, she seemed to have retained the high enthusiasm and optimism of a beginning teacher. Nevertheless , something was troubling(More)
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