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Growing organ cultures prepared from foetuses experimentally infected in utero by the viruses PI-3 and BVD-MD or bovine parvovirus proved to be suitable in tests with the re-isolation of these viruses 7, 14, 21, 35, 42 and 70 days after infection. The attempts at demonstrating them by the traditional method of the inoculation of the primary cell culture of(More)
Mathematical modelling in epizootology makes it possible to forecast the occurrence and spreading of infection, to learn the main factors of the origin and spread of infection, or to test hypotheses on these factors. Therefore epizootological models must be correct from the biological and mathematical view-point. They should not contradict to experimental(More)
The intrauterine infection of four- to nine-month-old bovine foetuses with the PI-3, BVD-MD viruses, performed 7 to 72 days prior to their delivery, did not exert any significant influence upon the susceptibility of primary cell cultures from foetal organs and tissues to further viral infection in vitro. The BVD-MD and IBR viruses multiplied in the primary(More)
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