V. Rodin

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Virological and serological studies of an epidemic disease in Bulgaria, 1975, were carried out. Epidemiologically, clinically and pathomorphologically, the disease simulated almost all known forms of poliomyelitis, acute stem encephalitis, encephalomyocarditis and aseptic meningitis. The studies completely rules out the participation of polioviruses and(More)
We show that, within the quasiparticle random phase approximation (QRPA) and the renormalized QRPA (RQRPA) based on the Bonn-CD nucleon-nucleon interaction, the competition between the pairing and the neutron-proton particle-particle and particle-hole interactions causes contributions to the neutrinoless double-beta decay matrix element to nearly vanish at(More)
The alignment of the electrode Fermi level with the valence or conduction bands of organic semiconductors is a key parameter controlling the efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes, solar cells, and printed circuits. Here, we introduce a class of organic molecules that form highly robust dipole layers, capable of shifting the work function of noble(More)
During the autumn-winter epidemic of influenza-like diseases in December, 1983--first quarter, 1984, in Moscow commissioned coded observations on the effectiveness of prophylactic vaccination against influenza of 3-7-year-old children with a preparation "Grippovak SE-AZh" were carried out in day-care centers. In the previous large-scale trials, 1981-1984,(More)