V. Richard Benjamins

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The word integration has been used with different meanings in the ontology field. This article aims at clarifying the meaning of the word " integration " and presenting some of the relevant work done in integration. We identify three meanings of ontology " integration " : when building a new on-tology reusing (by assembling, extending, specializing or(More)
Problem-solving methods provide reusable architectures and components for implementing the reasoning part of knowledge-based systems. The Unified Problem-solving Method description Language UPML has been developed to describe and implement such architectures and components to facilitate their semiautomatic reuse and adaptation. In a nutshell, UPML is a(More)
Most enterprises agree that knowledge is an essential asset for success and survival on a increasingly competitive and global market. This awareness is one of the main reasons for the exponential growth of knowledge management in the past decade. Our approach to knowledge management is based on ontolo-gies, and makes knowledge assets intelligently(More)
The Semantic Web has attracted a diverse, but significant, community of researchers, institutes and companies, all sharing the belief that one day the Semantic Web will have as big an impact on life as currently the WWW/Internet has. We share that vision, based on the ever-increasing need to reduce information overload, and to increase task delegation to(More)
Ontologies are becoming increasingly more important in many di!erent areas, including the knowledge management area. In knowledge management, ontologies can be used as an instrument to make knowledge assets intelligently accessible to people in organizations through an Intranet or the Internet. Most enterprises agree that knowledge is an essential asset for(More)
The Royal Institute Elcano † (Real Instituto Elcano) in Spain is a prestigious independent political institute whose mission is to comment on the political situation in the world focusing on its relation to Spain. As part of its dissemination strategy it operates a public website. The online content can be accessed by navigating through categories or by a(More)