V. Ravichandran

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Estimates on the initial coefficients are obtained for normalized analytic functions f in the open unit disk with f and its inverse g = f satisfying the conditions that zf (z)/f(z) and zg(z)/g(z) are both subordinate to a starlike univalent function whose range is symmetric with respect to the real axis. Several related classes of functions are also(More)
An analytic function f(z)= z+an+1zn+1+··· , defined on the unit disk = {z : |z|< 1}, is in the class Sp if zf ′(z)/f(z) is in the parabolic region Rew > |w −1|. This class is closely related to the class of uniformly convex functions. Sufficient conditions for function to be in Sp are obtained. In particular, we find condition on λ such that the function(More)
A pot culture experiment was conducted in green house to study the potential of chromium (Cr) phytoaccumulatory capabilities of four promising agroforestry tree species viz., Albizia amara, Casuarina equisetifolia, Tectona grandis, and Leucaena luecocephala. Possibility of enhancement of Cr uptake by chemical (citric acid) and biological vesicular(More)
The general classes of multivalent starlike, convex, close-to-convex and quasiconvex functions are introduced. These classes provide a unified treatment to various known subclasses. Inclusion and convolution properties are derived using the methods of convex hull and differential subordination. 1. Motivation and Preliminaries Let U = {z : |z| < 1} be the(More)
Several subclasses of meromorphic functions in the unit disk are introduced by means of convolution with a given fixed meromorphic function. Subjecting each convoluted-derived function in the class to be subordinated to a given normalized convex function with positive real part, these subclasses extend the classical subclasses of meromorphic starlikeness,(More)
In the present investigation, the authors derive necessary and sufficient conditions for spirallikeness and convex spirallikeness of a suitably normalized meromorphic p-valent function in the punctured unit disk, using convolution. Also we give an application of our result to obtain a convolution condition for a class of meromorphic functions defined by a(More)