V. Ravichandran

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The cytoskeletal changes that alter cellular morphogenesis and motility depend upon a complex interplay among molecules that regulate actin, myosin, and other cytoskeletal components. The Rho family of GTP binding proteins are important upstream mediators of cytoskeletal organization. Gem and Rad are members of another family of small GTP binding proteins(More)
Estimates on the initial coefficients are obtained for normalized analytic functions f in the open unit disk with f and its inverse g = f −1 satisfying the conditions that zf ′ (z)/f (z) and zg ′ (z)/g(z) are both subordinate to a starlike univalent function whose range is symmetric with respect to the real axis. Several related classes of functions are(More)
Let q 1 and q 2 belong to a certain class of normalized analytic univalent functions in the open unit disk of the complex plane. Sufficient conditions are obtained for normalized analytic functions p to satisfy the double subordination chain q 1 (z) ≺ p(z) ≺ q 2 (z). The differential sandwich-type result obtained is applied to normalized univalent functions(More)
Let f(z) = z + ∑(n=2)(∞) (a)n(z) (n) be analytic in the unit disk with the second coefficient a2 satisfying |a2| = 2b, 0 ≤ b ≤ 1. Sharp radius of Janowski starlikeness is obtained for functions f whose nth coefficient satisfies |a(n)| ≤ cn + d (c, d ≥ 0) or |a(n)| ≤ c/n  (c > 0 and n ≥ 3). Other radius constants are also obtained for these functions, and(More)
Erianthus is a wild relative of the genus Saccharum. It is well known for its high fibre, high biomass, tolerance to drought and water logging, pest and disease resistance with multi-ratooning ability. This study was conducted to investigate physiological and molecular responses of Erianthus spp. to drought stress. Out of seven Erianthus accessions(More)
Social-dynamics exists in the social system determines the extent of adoption of any scientific technologies. This research paper tries to find out the social-dynamics exists between drip and non-drip users in sugarcane production system. The present investigation was carried out in Udumalpet taluk of Coimbatore district with 40 sugarcane drip users and 40(More)