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—Distributed signal processing techniques for classification of objects are studied assuming knowledge of sensor measurement statistics. The spatio-temporal signal field generated by an object is modeled as a bandlimited stationary ergodic Gaussian field. The model suggests a simple abstraction of correlation between node measurements: it partitions the(More)
—We study distributed strategies for classification of multiple targets in a wireless sensor network. The maximum number of targets is known a priori but the actual number of distinct targets present in any given event is assumed unknown. The target signals are modeled as zero-mean Gaussian processes with distinct temporal power spectral densities, and it(More)
SUMMARY Attenuation measurement on Ku-band satellite signal in a tropical site, Fiji is presented. Rain-attenuation prediction by ITU-R and the Crane Global models showed noticeable deviation to the measured values. Unlike the monotonic decrease predicted by these models, exceedance of rain-rate and attenuation in Fiji and other tropical regions showed the(More)
BACKGROUND Cadmium (Cd) is a major heavy metal pollutant which is highly toxic to plants and animals. Vast agricultural areas worldwide are contaminated with Cd. Plants take up Cd and through the food chain it reaches humans and causes toxicity. It is ideal to develop plants tolerant to Cd, without enhanced accumulation in the edible parts for human(More)
The objective of this paper is to emphasize the need for an effective security model and its implementation for distributed applications. Online web-based education needs to share the resources dynamically, irrespective of the network and platform on which the services are deployed. A communication protocol called Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)(More)